On Shampoo

I recently wrote about research on showering and its effects on skin. However, while decreasing the frequency of showering seems reasonable, there does appear to be one limiting factor: the greasiness of hair. I have so far found no particularly good answers on how to remove grease without exposing the scalp to strong oil-stripping detergents found in shampoo. While the scalp can adjust to decreased frequency of shampooing to some degree, hair still gets pretty oily at some point (at least for me).

In The New York Times, there was a recent article called “No-Shampoo Regimens Replace the Suds“. In the article, they describe an alternative to shampooing using cleansing conditioners (also known as “co-washing”):

The once-odd idea of using cleansing conditioners (they clean but don’t foam) as a substitute for shampoo became increasingly in vogue in the last year.

These cleansing conditioners may help decrease dependence on shampoo and prevent the stripping away of natural oils, leaving hair more conditioned and shiny. According to the article, it takes time for hair to stop getting greasy:

Expect a certain acclimation period, said Kate Hanley, a stylist at Headdress Hair Salon in the East Village. “People will start washing with conditioner and find that their hair feels oily after a week or two,” she said. “If you can push through that week or so when it feels greasy, your hair returns to a more natural state, like a child’s hair.”

Here is the cheapest cleansing conditioner I could find. It goes for about $5 on Amazon. I haven’t tried them out yet; and I’m not sure it would totally reduce one’s dependence on shampoo (especially for removing hair products from hair). Guess I’ll wait until I’m low on shampoo to try it out…

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