2 Week Food Insecurity Challenge- Part 2

The 2 week challenge is approaching its end… so, what have I learned by living off only what I already had?


My lunch with the last of my fresh produce.

1) It is hard to live without fresh produce. I did ration my fresh produce so that I would have a little bit each day, but when someone would bring snacks to share that consisted of fresh fruits or vegetables, something in my brain would light up. The tangerine, the carrots with hummus… those tasted more amazing than usual.

2) The fridge is pretty empty now.

3) I found a jar of pickled mushrooms hiding in the pantry. I wish I had found it earlier. I think pickled vegetables are a great way to have veggies… the jars can just sit in the pantry for long periods of time until needed. Kind of like canned vegetables but better.

4) I think I will buy canned sardines or sprats from now on. Great way to get fish and healthy fats, and they can sit in the pantry for long periods of time. Fish on the bottom of the food chain are also low in toxins such as mercury. I think they are also pretty cheap. Only gotta make sure the cans don’t have a BPA liner.


Pickled mushrooms.

5) A cup of uncooked quinoa can make many meals. Quinoa, however, is expensive.

6) My lunches got much smaller when my fresh produce disappeared. I was also hungrier. So I tried to take up space with cookies, string cheese, pretzels…

7) I ate my alfalfa sprouts faster than I could grow them (especially once my fresh produce ran low).

8) I still have half a bag of potatoes and a whole spaghetti squash left. I also have half a giant hunk of Jarlsberg cheese left that I discovered lying in the freezer (I used half to make a scalloped potatoes). I have various other starches.

I guess I recapitulated some of the findings on what it is like to live on food stamps or to be food insecure- meals consisting of starches, little fresh produce or meat… I was able to ration what I had so that I didn’t feel like I was on a very restrictive diet, but I really look forward to some fresh produce… maybe next time I’ll try to see if I can live on only $29 a week….

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