Sprouting Mung Beans

Mung beans are these green beans that can be sprouted until a small root emerges, or until they become long white stalks- those are what we know as bean sprouts on Asian dishes such as Pad Thai.

Sprouting mung beans is easy. Mung beans are pretty healthy and easy to prepare. Below are instructions!

Sprouting Mung Beans, Step-by-Step

  1. Place dry mung beans (however many you want) in a clean pot and fill with water, enough to comfortably cover all the beans.


  2. Let beans sit in water overnight.
  3. Drain water. Beans should be much bigger now. I put my beans on a steamer insert (it has holes on the bottom for drainage). I poured some water on the beans, then put the steamer insert on top of my pot.


  4. Rinse the beans once a day for about another 1-2 days. Roots should start to pop out.


  5. I find the beans a little bitter if eaten on their own, so I steam the beans.
  6. Step 4 can be repeated until beans grow to be long and white (though mine turned out to be a mix of green, white, and dark red. I thought they were bitter, so I’d probably steam them, too.)

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