Lumo Lift: a posture correcting wearable device

IMG_1421I have suffered from back problems from a few years now. It started when I began to work full-time in an office setting, writing code and such. It developed rather quickly. Since then, I’ve been trying all sorts of things to improve my back pain. I do yoga, PiYo, and have used yoga balls and yoga ball chairs. I even invested in an upper back brace to pull my shoulders back and relieve some pain associated with bad posture. Most recently, I tried out a wearable device- the Lumo Lift. It is a small device worn under the clavicle (attaches to clothes with a magnet) that detects whether or not you have deviated from good posture. It buzzes if you have kept up a bad posture for a certain amount of time.

IMG_1492I happen to really like it and I think it works quite well. I do sit on a yoga ball at my desk. I found it is harder to maintain good posture in a regular chair- the device buzzes at me relentlessly when I sit in a chair. But I do feel there is a big difference in my posture if I don’t wear the device- it is a good reminder to sit up straight. It links up wirelessly to my smart phone and records how often I keep posture (with a goal of 4 hours of good posture a day), and it also works as a pedometer (it records how many steps I take each day; it also breaks down all this information into hourly and daily blocks).

For someone who is determined to improve their posture (especially if motivated by back pain), I think this is a great device. It comes with a charger which I leave at the desk.

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